Model 7661A Series

Optical Micro Display Test System

Product Details

The advancement of AR/VR technology continues to find its way into a variety of markets and applications. Innovative design for manufacturability as well as automated optical testing will be essential in such volume-manufacturing environment.

Chroma's 7661A automated optical micro display test system is specially designed to provide automated testing of optical image quality essential for display products such as AR/VR wearable devices. Integrated with an automated device handler, the system may consist of high-resolution camera, colorimeter or MTF test equipment that captures and analyzes optical image performance via proprietary algorithm.

Test data obtained over the full field of view of the device under test (DUT) is analyzed for image quality and performance.

Primary optical tests include light intensity uniformity, chromaticity, luminance, contrast ratio, field of view, MTF, distortion, chromatic analysis, as well as many other test parameters.

The 7661A is designed with embedded darkroom environment that enables common area manufacturing operation. User-friendly software provides flexible setting of test parameters such as the pass/fail criteria and many others. This system can save test data in a local server or optionally be equipped to upload test data to SPC, MES or Shop Floor Management Systems.

The 7661A automated optical micro display test system is engineered to solve your next optical test challenge and ensure a seamless transition from the laboratory performance to the production floor.