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Model 17800/17900 Series Automatic Battery Test Equipment
Chroma 17910 Incoming Inspection and Identification


Key Features
  • High-Precision Measurement
  • High Sampling Rate
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Remote Control/Management
  • Customization and Automation
  • High Efficiency & Reliability
  • Avoid Operation Error
  • Remote Control/Management



Product Details

Chroma specifically developed battery cell test solution which is an integrated solution for battery cell formation & grading processes. From battery cell formation procedure to grouping process, Chroma 17900 series are customized with professional planning service which includes manufacturing flow path planning, test station/ equipment planning, test data management and so on to create high performance manufacturing capability.

Measuring OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) and ACR (AC Resistance) are one of the most important tests during battery cell manufacturing. In order to have high-speed and high-reliability OCV/ ACR measurement readings, customized Chroma 17800 can follow customers' manufacturing process flow to test a batch of battery cell OCV/ ACR with in process tray or any other carrying method.

Chroma 17800 can be designed to test both OCV/ ACR in a time sequence or individually. Highspeed measurement can catch a batch of battery cell accurate readings and upload to test result database by Ethernet. Through customized probing unit can totally fit the tray size and battery cell size. Automated contact design improves the reliability of electrodes connection and keeps the contact consistence.

Chroma 17900 Automatic Equipment includes following automated equipment. Chroma 17910 Barcode Binding Equipment links the serial numbers of battery cell & its carrying tray. Then upload them to server or management system. This link provides a traceability of each battery cell. Furthermore, its high efficiency and low cost advantages bring improvement of manufacturing performance.

Chroma 17920 Rework Sorter helps to pick defect battery cell up during whole formation processes at rework station. According to the definitions of flow path planning in MES, operators will know how to deal with those battery cells. This function properly controls process flow and also avoids quality issues by unexpected operation errors. Chroma 17930 Grouping Equipment is automated grading equipment. It will follow pre-defined criteria to grade battery cells with specific ranks. Different rank of battery cell will be moved to different outgoing tray by grouping equipment. Users can define the grading criteria by battery cell characteristics and test results from formation processes. Automatic grouping equipment helps the grading process to be more reliable and avoid unexpected operation errors.

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