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Model 2401 Video Pattern Generator
Key Features
  • Analog pixel rate 165MHz
  • 2K x 2K Graphic size
  • NTSC / PAL / SECAM signal
  • S-Video / CVBS / SCART / RGB Color Component / D-Terminal
  • Bi-level SDTV format
  • Tri-level HDTV Format
  • Closed Caption function ( NTSC )
  • V-Chip function ( NTSC )
  • Teletext function ( PAL )
  • Y, Pb, Pr/ Y, Cb, Cr / Y, R-Y, B-Y output
  • PC remote control
  • User Define Key
  • Built-in variety of video timings & patterns
  • Scrolling Pattern
  • USB interface
  • ESD protection circuit

Data Sheet

Chroma 2401 Video Pattern Generator

AnalogDVIHDCPNTSC / PALClose CaptionTeletextVchipSDTVHDTV



Product Details

Along with the rapid development of LCD TV industry, all manufacturers are facing the competition of producing high value added and low cost products; and seeking for a total test solution to meet their needs has become the first priority.

Chroma 2401 Video Pattern Generator is specially designed to fit in the requirements and application of production line for LCD-TV manufacturers.

1. Various Analog TV Signals Support
It has many built-in standard Analog TV signal outputs , such as RGB, YPbPr, CVBS for tests in Multimedia Display, Monitor and TV production.

2. Lightweight Design
The size of Chroma 2401 VPG is close to A4 that is portable and handy for various kinds of spaces or locations.

3. Exclusive Signals
The mapped international standard signal sources are provided for diverse Video signals requirements such as the requisite TV and HDTV that are applied in the configuration of production line planning and test workstation.

4. Convenient & Rapid Function
The test programs created in advance increase the production efficiency; in addition for the frequently used function keys, users can edit the USER KEY to work with compound functions in specific test to save the test time.

5. USB Interface
The convenient USB interface can use USB Disk on PC to edit test programs, patterns and even to upload or download the upgrade programs to 2401 to reduce engineer's workload in setup and management.

6. Large Capacity
It has built in large capacity of storage memory that allows users to swap and save for different UUT without backup or download.(1000 TIMINGS and PATTERNS, 500 PROGRAMS)

7. Abundant Test Patterns
It includes standard static, dynamic and pattern screens to check the characteristics response, white balance and residual of UUT. Also it can use PC to create the test patterns required.

8. Extended Control
The default extended function on the front/ rear panel is able to add remote control device or output control device for on-line link automatically.

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