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Model 27010 Series LCM Pattern Generator Card
Key Features  
  • LVDS / TTL (Optional) output
  • Display size up to WQXGA 2560x1600 @60Hz max
  • Data Clock: Single 135MHz / Dual 270MHz / 4 Link 330MHz max
  • Data Bits: 6/8/10bit programmable max
  • Vdd output 2V~13V/3.5A programmable max
  • Vbl output 10V~25V/10A programmable max
  • Vbl/Vdim Dimming adjustable 0~7V, 1.1V step
  • Power OCP protection
  • Up / down load function
  • Timing / Pattern Auto / Manual Run
  • Low cost
Chroma 27010 Series LCM Pattern Generator Card

LVDSFull HD 1080p

Data Sheet


Product Details

27010To comply with the current digital standard signal, LCD and digital display for test application, the 27010 pattern generator card offers a low cost and high value-added product that can provide LCD manufactures for In-line or Batch oven of aging test.

This 27010 series LCM Pattern Generator Card offers LVDS signal output. For multimedia applications, the 27010 series supports TTL (optional). By supporting the display screen up to WQXGA, it is capable of performing LCD pixel inspection during production, OLB test, burn-in test, combination test, final test and life test.

The P Card uses Programmable Logic Device which is the pattern generator for LCD MODULE test. It supports VGA~WQXGA, 1 Link / 2 Link / 4 Link and 30 sets Timings, 64 sets Patterns and 30 sets Programs max for testing.

The signal transmission using the method of replacement output to panel depends on the interface the LCD Module installed for the signal (LVDS, TTL) used. As to power rating, its DC support 5~15V max input power and 3.3~12A max output power is applicable to signal and LCD Module. Furthermore the required pattern, Color and other test functions can be set manually via the system control.

The PG card is equipped with a unique window-based editing software. Its convenient operating environment allows users to set timings, create patterns, and edit programs as well as control the power on/off timings of the PG Card via PC. The created files can be uploaded or downloaded from data buffer to PG Card easily for modification. This useful and practical design enables the software and testing parameter of PG Card be updated efficiently and optimizes its functions. Under this series could be customer design by user define.

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