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FPD Tester Model 2918

Key Features

  • Support 8K SHV (Super Hi-Vision 7680x4320 / 8192x4320)
  • Support full 8K scrolling function
  • Independent signal and power module design
  • Dual-core graphics processing architecture
    - Increase graphics and data transmission performance
    - 8K Super Hi-Vision images switch in less than 200ms
  • Support 6/8/10/12 bits color depth (12 bit only in LUT mode)
  • Support user edited test patterns
    - BMP pattern format
    - Maxi. 300 of 8Kx4K bmp patterns
  • Support VDIM and PWM dimming function
  • Support cross coordinates defect positioning function
  • Support auto flicker adjustment (with A712306)
  • Support gigabit Ethernet control interface
  • Support USB port for data update

Data Sheet

Product Details

Support 8K Super Hi-Vision

The 2918 FPD tester provides 8K Super Hi-Vision (7680x4320/ 8192x4320) for testing. Full 8K@60/120 Hz resolution (32/64 lane V-By-One) is supported by one tester.


Dual-Core Graphics Processing

■ Significantly increase graphics and data transmission performance
■ 8K SHV pattern switching time< 200ms


True 8K Motion Pattern

■ True 8K scrolling function for 8K motion picture inspection
■ Adjustable scrolling direction (up/down/left/ right), motion speed to test dynamic response of panel


Independent Signal / Power Module

■ Maximum 4 slots of signal module
■ Support LVDS / V-By-One signals
■ Independent power module design providing current measurement, turn on/turn off, and scan timing tests
■ Voltage/current upper and lower limits for OCP/OVP/UCP


Remote Control Box

■ 20 words x 4 lines matrix LCD display
■ Signal and power quick on/off bottom
■ Quick menu switching and selection rotary knob
■ Real-time voltage/current display
■ VCOM adjustment/write-in function


Graphic User Interface : FPD Master

■ Graphical user interface for test program editing
■ Unique GO/NO GO software (option) for quick inspection
■ Support VCOM/Grayscale/EDID inspection


Full Range of Test Patterns and Functions Support

■ Support patterns (color bar, grayscale, dot), 8K bitmap (BMP) figures, and various inspection functions required for industrial panel testing.
■ Cross coordinate cursor positioning function to display coordinate and RGB values of any dot in real-time
■ Foreground/background grayscale adjustment for CABC test

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