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Model 3700 Solar Cell Inspection / Sorting System
Key Features
  • Crystalline silicon PV cell color classification sorting (Chroma 7211)
  • Crystalline silicon PV cell front & back side defect inspection (Chroma 7212 & 7213)
  • Applicable for 5 inches and 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon cells
  • High throughput and low breakage rate ≤0.2%
  • Color classes and Sorting Bins can be user defined
  • Sorting Bins extendable by module
  • Zero down time when auto pallet exchanger is applied
  • Friendly GUI operation through color LCD touch screen
  • Easy trouble shooting
  • Integrated Chroma 58301 I-V tester (Chroma 3720)

Data Sheet



Product Details

Chroma 3700 Solar Cell Inspection System is able to inspect solar cells' surface and backside defects in PV backend process. The cells can be sorted automatically into stack pallets by customized colors. The automation of testing and sorting techniques that applied to the 3700 helps not only in maximizing the production efficiently and ensuring the quality of solar cell, but also reducing the solar cell defect rate.

The Printing Defect Inspector measures the solar cells' printing quality and surface defects. With multilayer illumination design, the inspector is capable of inspecting various defects even including bumps and pittings on the back side.

The Color Classifier is for checking the color and its homogeneity. Using CIELAB color model and color checker calibration, the color classifier can provide accurate color model coordinates to distinct different coating thickness of solar cells.

The unique auto pallet exchanger eliminates the system down time when changing full pallets to empty pallets manually. For the Breakage Rate that is one of the key concerns to PV cell handling system, Chroma 3700 uses the state-of-the-art cell transportation technique to ensure the minimum breakage rate. Under the same handling and sorting system structure, the 3700 can be easily modified to integrate the Solar Simulator and the Chroma 58301 I-V Tester as a complete PV cell backend test system (Chroma 3720).

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