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Model 3705 Solar Wafer Cassette Transfer System
Key Features
  • Good for 5 inches and 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon wafer.
  • Effectively reduces wafer damage caused by careless human error.
  • High throughput and low breakage rate ≦0.2%.
  • Cassette type can be designed and adjusted based on customer's requirement.
  • In time showing the operation states of the machine by LCD screen.
  • User friendly GUI operation through color LCD screen.
  • Cassette can be easily located by specific lead’s design.
  • Easy trouble shooting.



Product Details

In response to requirement of different processes, Chroma 3705 can transfer the wafers from original cassette to another specific by lots before incoming of process or wafer’s shipment. Breakage rate is one of the key concern for solar wafer handling system. Chroma 3705 uses state-of-the-art wafer transportation technique to ensure minimum breakage rate. It can effectively reduce the wafer's damage caused by careless human mistakes. Based on customer's requirement of different processes, cassette type also can be designed and adjusted.

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