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Model 3720 Solar Cell Test / Sorting System

Key Features

  • c-Si Solar Cell Tester : Chroma 58301
  • High throughput - UPH : 1,500
  • Low breakage rate : ≦0.2%
  • Type of sorting bins : Auto & Manual
  • Sorting Bins can be user defined
  • Small footprint
  • Applicable for 5”, 6” mono/multi-crystalline silicon PV cells
  • High cell positioning repeatability to ensure consistent test results
Model 3720 Solar Cell Test / Sorting System

Data Sheet

Product Details

Integrated with Chroma 58301 c-Si Solar Cell Tester, Chroma 3720 is a fully user configuration cell sorter with very low breakage rate and high throughput. The sorting criteria is selectable by user based on application. For instance, PV cell manufacturers may use Pmpp or Efficiency to sort PV cells. However, for c-Si PV module manufacturers, FF can be used as sorting criteria to minimize the power loss due to cell mismatch.

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