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Model 58158-SC LED Luminaire In-line Test System
Model 58266 LED AC/DC Burn-in Test System
Key Features
  • Mass production application: LED lamp, LED bulb, LED bar, LED streetlight, and other luminaries
  • Less error comparing to integrating sphere measurement
  • High speed test and flicker measurement
  • AC/DC LIV analysis software on board
  • Provide standard light source for calibration which is international standard traceable
  • Thermal control fixture adaptable (option)

Data Sheet


Product Details

Test Items

  • Optical Power characteristics : Lm, lm/w, LED operating frequency (Flicker)
  • Color characteristics : CIExy, Duv, CIEu'v', CCT, CRI
  • Power characteristics :
    AC mode : Power factor (PF), Irms, Vrms, THD
    DC mode : Forward voltage



The innovative design of the Chroma High-Speed Optical Measurement Module combines several large area detectors summing their response to calculate the total luminous flux of the LED light.

This advanced approach overcomes the drawbacks of traditional total flux measurement solutions yielding the capability of rapid inline production testing.

The modular implementation of the Optical Measurement Module allows easy customization to various Luminaires shapes and sizes providing the flexibility and precision required by R&D and Production environments.

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