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Model 58162 LCD Shorting Bar Pattern Generator
Key Features  
  • High Slew Rate
  • Strong Driving Capacity
  • 0-255 step waves output
  • Auto discharge
  • 12 Source Output
  • 8 Gate Output(expandable up to 16 channels)
  • 4 COM Output
  • Powerful PC-based platform
  • Auto FTP download
  • Friendly Flow editing
  • Easy to integrate with AOI & Optical measure system
  • Real-time voltage & time parameter adjustment
  • Engineer Analysis Function

Chroma 58162 LCD Shorting Bar Pattern Generator


Product Details

58162 is a high capability Shorting Bar Pattern Generator especially designed for LCD Cell inspection. The exclusive PC-Based architecture can download the inspection Flow settings automatically from Server through FTP network for update without doing it on the client respectively that increases the production efficiency significantly. The built-in RS-232 and USB interfaces can integrate with any AOI and Gamma optical measurement systems. 58162 can solve the problems of complex upgrades for traditional equipment, unfriendly user interface, and difficult system integration.

58162 works with 0.5μS high-resolution time unit to edit the output waveforms of Source and Gate. The strong driving capacity and High Slew Rate design along with the step waves output for maximum 512 steps can output the inspected waveform accurately to eliminate panel from any block. In addition the unique engineer analysis mode can provide engineers the best test environment for waveform analysis.

Utilizing the flexible adjustment function to change the parameters of voltage and time in real time can acquire the most applicable test conditions for the production line during mass production. Auto discharge function is especially designed to prevent the residual charge and ESD from damaging the panel. 58162 not only increases the panel defect inspection ability, reduce the inspection process but also improve the production yield rate and lower down the measurement cost.

58162 is expandable with Gate extension board up to 24 channels that can satisfy the a-Si/LTPS multiple panel design in the future. It is the most compatible Shorting Bar Pattern Generator in the market today.

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