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Model 58182 Top-view LED Light Bar Test System
Chroma 58182 Top-view LED Light Bar Test System
Key Features
  • Measure the top-view/side-view light bar uniformity composed of white light
  • Equipped with image recognition function to capture the LED location accurately
  • Excellent optical performance
  • ESD damaged sorting function
  • FPC/PCB light bar adaptability


Product Details

The Chroma 58182 LED Light Bar Test System is a fully automatic test system able to measure the top-view / side-view light bar uniformity composed of white light. With image recognition function, it can accurately capture the location of LED and identify the center of LED under the measurement. With automatic mechanical and optical measurement function, the 58182 can perform extremely accurate optical and electrical measurement.

The 58182 integrates image recognition function, automatic mechanical and optical measurement. It can not only improve the yield rate by sifting out the defect products, but also reduce the product verification time and development cost. In addition, the 58182 has a flexible measurement platform to adapt different type of top-view / side-view LED light bar measurement, and friendly user interface to reduce user's learning time. Consequently, the 58182 is the best choice for testing top-view/side-view light bar.

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