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Model 58301 c-Si Solar Cell Tester

Chroma 58301 c-Si Solar Cell Tester

Key Features

  • Measurements: Eff, Pmpp, Impp, Vmpp, Isc, Voc, FF, Rshunt, Rs, Irev.
  • Full four-quadrant source for both light-forward/reverse & dark forward / reverse test
  • Class AAA+ solar simulator
  • Versatile system software and user editable test sequences
  • Low stress probing
  • PV cell sorter integration (see Chroma 3720)

Data Sheet

Product Details

58301I-V test is the most important test for PV cell/module manufacturing because the measured power rating or efficiency of the cell or module directly affect the selling price of the product. Therefore, highly accurate and repeatable I-V test result is not only for quality issue but also for business issue.

However, PV cell I-V testing represents several technical challenges; therefore, it's extremely hard to achieve stable and accurate test results even if class AAA type of solar simulator is used. Those challenges include:

  • Spectral mismatch correction
  • Minimize impact of non-uniformity
  • Simultaneous measurement to avoid error caused by temporal instability of irradiance intensity
  • Temperature correction or control to STC or desired temperature
  • Low stress probing to avoid cell breakage
  • Maximize probe-contact repeatability & minimize probing shadow

Chroma 58301 c-Si Solar Cell (Crystalline Silicon) Tester is ideal for both RD & in-line production (see Chroma 3720) application. Using Wacom® class AAA+ solar simulator, comprehensive irradiance/temperature correction technique and probing system, Chroma 58301 c-Si Solar Cell Tester achieves the highest test repeatability and measurement accuracy for most demanding customers.

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