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Model 7211-D
Solar Cell Color Classification System

Key Features

  • Solar Cell Color Classifier (Diffuser type)
  • CIELAB color space technology, approximate human vision
  • Unlimited color categories







Product Details

The Chroma 7211-D c-Si cell color classifier was design to provide high repetitive color classification for c-Si PV cells. CIE 1931 Lab color space and up to 60x60 grids for entire cell surface allows Chroma 7211-D to provide numeric color severities down to each of the 3600 blocks throughout the cell under test. By using the color information of each block and user definable algorithm, user may determine the represented color for non-uniform color cells such as poly-crystalline cells or cells have uneven anti-reflection coating thickness.

Chroma 7211-D can be used right after anti-reflection coating process to ensure only cells with acceptable color uniformity go down to metallization process. And the fail cells may then be sent for re-work. It can also be integrated to in-line or off-line sorter for final inspection prior to shipping.


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