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Model A222907 HDMI Distributor
A222907   Key Features
  • One HDMI Source to connect up to 4 displays Support
  • Full-HD 1080P resolution Compliant with HDMI V1.3
  • Compliant HDCP V1.2 HDCP Key sets allows each output independently Control by Smart I/O interface DDCIIB Plug & Play Function Distributor / Multiplexer Mode selection
  • ESD protection Low cost

Data Sheet

Product Details

Chroma A222907 HDMI Distributor has HDMI signal output interface that can work with the Video Pattern Generator of Chroma to perform extended tests for HDMI signals.

This distributor has 1-In/4-Out HDMI ports that comply with the HDMI 1.3 standards to support the tests for the newest HDMI 1.3 functions.

In addition, Chroma A222907 is equipped with Distributor and Multiplexer modes that each output port can set the HDCP/EDID to be enabled or disabled concurrently or separately to facilitate the user's tests greatly.

Supporting most of CEC features which are used to communicate with HDMI network. Chroma A222907 can also output 4 CEC commands simultaneously to reduce user's test time. Depends on the showing response message from A222907 on the screen, users can verify the CEC function immediately.

In order to comply with the multi-port input design of digital FPD industry, this distributor adopts external connection with handy compact size to ease the use in variety of production lines and R&D labs.

Chroma A222907 has dynamic message function which can display HDCP key data and EDID content of TV and help users to check the data correctness.

This distributor is applicable for the Signal Generators with Smart I/O manufactured by Chroma to extend and expand the HDMI signals for various applications such as the long distance transmission of serial production line or parallel usage in demonstration room and etc. In the meantime, its special output design can be used to protect the back-end of a signal generator.

HDMI Distributor Application 1 
for single unit 
One A222907 has 4 outputs to test all of the HDMI por ts (maximum 4) on the di splay directly.

HDMI Distributor Application 2 
for single unit 
One A222907 can output signals to 4 displays to test the EDID & HDCP functions and interpret the data separately or concurrently.

HDMI Distributor Application 3 
for multiple units 
Multiple A222907 canbe connected in series to test even more displays for the seriesparallel application of multiple devices.

HDMI Distributor Application 4 
for CEC feature 
One A222907 can output features to 4 different displays to test CEC function of TV independently.

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