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Model ADIVIC MP7300 RF Recorder / Player [3.0GHz]
Model 17011 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System


Key Features
  • Diversity receiver and generator function
    2 x RX and 2 x TX configuration
    Pre-trigger recorder function
    Frequency coverage: 300khz to 3ghz



Product Details

Test items:

Frequency coverage: 300khz to 3ghz
Adjustable bandwidth from 1mhz to 45mhz
Sample rate:250ms/s
Resolution: 16bit rx / 14bit tx
Noise floor: < -165dbm/hz
Diversity receiver and generator function
2 x RX and 2 x TX configuration
Spectrum analyzer / marker / channel power measurement
Swap internal sata 2.5” ssd 300gb x 4
Pre-trigger recorder function
Reference 10mhz clock in/out
Supports gps nema data logging recording and power color marker
10.2” touch screen
RF file format support matlab software analyzer
File segment play function
Remote control


The RF communication application moves faster and faster. ADIVIC RF Recorder brings the next generation tool concept into the world. MP7300 RF recorder and player system covers the frequency spectrum from 300KHz to 3GHz.It satisfies various wireless communication applications. The RF recorder can support a large range of digital or analog modulation signals in the frequency spectrum. The new design concept complies with Diversity and Dual Channel RF record and play application. With the bandwidth of acquisition 45MHz, it allows users to record and analyze the wide band wanted channel signal, adjacent channel signal, noise/fading signal and any distortion signals accordingly.


ADIVIC RF Recorder,MP7 SERIES is an exquisite RFengineering tool for both field testing and performance testing. MP7300 is engineered for all existing RF communications and all modulation schemes, analogue and digital. The 45MHz real-time bandwidth makes the satellite and wideband communication recorder more possibility.


The RF recorder incorporates a hardware capture module covering the frequency spectrum from 300KHz to 3GHz. MP7300 has two RF input interfaces which can support active and passive antenna types. With the dual channel option, it equips two impendent RF RX modules. User can define the Diversity or Dual Channel application in various RF communication scheme. The 45MHz RF bandwidth can fulfill most satellite and wideband communication requirement.
The swap SSD or HDD RAID can easily extend the storage ability. Due to the high speed of the data through put 250MByte/sec . The *SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interface comply the streaming function. Each recording can be easily named by the friendly UI. Remote control function can be operated via Ethernet RJ45 interface. MP7320 RF player also supports segment play function.

Users can set any start and stop points in any RF file to play.

RAID: Redundant Array of Independent Disks
SAS: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a computer bus used to move data to and from computer storage.

Location Function

GPS location log function can support the recordings of the GPS NEMA. The data can be transmitted via Ethernet to other PCs installed with Google Earth software and ADIVIC’s utility software, and users can freely define the power level color class and the rate of GPS location update according to each recording length and mobile speed. It helps users to see clearly the geographical condition via Google earth. Users can free download Google Earth software from Google web. Please notice that PCs need to be connected to the Internet to get the Google Earth map data during operation.

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