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Model ADIVIC MP7600 6GHz RF Recorder & Player


Key Features
  • Adjustable instantaneous bandwidth 1 MHz to 100 MHz
  • Frequency coverage from 300 KHz to 6.0 GHz
  • 250 MSPS ADC sampling rate
  • 16-Bit ADC/DAC resolution, 96 dB dynamic range
  • Smart AGC to extend usable dynamic range > 150dB
  • High linerity to accomodate strong & weak signal
  • 1PPS, IRIG-B support (Optional)
  • Additional traces for maximum/minimum holds
  • 20+ makers for easy signal identication
  • Data formats compatible to MATLAB
  • Software utility support including I/Q data extractor and File segment
  • Matrix System supports 7 units max. in parallel (Optional)
  • 4 X 2.5’’SSD internal drive bays (4 X 480 GB by default,
    4 X 1 TB upgradable)

Product Details

Max & Min Hold

To inspect RF signal dynamic range

Loop Through Function

To inspect RF signal while recording


To record the RF signal postion with G-mouse


Can be used to generate a visual record of the RF capture area.

700MHz Wideband Recording

Allow the simultaneous recording and playback of 700MHz bandwidth.

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