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Battery Formation Instruments

Battery trayWhen it comes to formation, Chroma may be a newcomer but is a veteran to power electronics. Through the past twenty years Chroma has dominated the power test industry now three to one over all rivals combined.

With a strong environmental commitment Chroma has embedded two eco-friendly features; energy efficient charging and energy recycling (at cell discharge) to offer the first cell formation system with a green design.

The energy efficient charging is performed by patented Battery Voltage Tracking electronics which provides each linear charging circuit with sufficient energy to operate at optimal performance without crating wasteful overheads typically discarded as heat. The Energy Recycling (also patented) takes the battery’s discharge energy which is customarily dumped and recycles it back to the system DC power main bus utilizing it for system operation.

By minimizing conventional power losses energy savings multiplies as cooling demands are diminished. The outcome is a responsible formation design that reduces power demands and carbon footprint while slashing the monthly electric bill.

Click here for more information on Chroma's turn-key battery formation solutions.

Battery Cell Formation
Model 17000
Battery Cell Formation System
  • Reliable & accurate testing
  • Renders high yields
  • Energy recycling
  • Complete manufacturing solution (Full/Semi automation)
Charge / Discharge Tester
Model 17011 Programmable Battery Charge/Discharge Test System
Model 17011
Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System
  • High precision output and measurement up to 0.015% of full scale
  • Fast current response up to <100 μS
  • High sampling rate up to 10 mS
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