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Chroma's photonics test solutions address mainly on automated test equipment for laser diode, VSCEL, LED both in wafer and chip format as well as optical communication active components.

With more than 30 years of power electronic and automated optical test experience, Chroma offers many integrated mechanism and temperature control technology capable of performing reliable characteristics and aging test for optical devices under various temperature test conditions. 

Test Systems
Chroma 58601 Optoelectonic Source Measurement System
Model 58602
Optoelectronic Source Measurement System
  • Burn-In, Reliability and Life Testing
  • Up to 6912 Channels
  • Up to 20A per device
  • Up to 150°C
Model 58604
Laser Diode Burn-in
and Reliability Test System
  • Applicable for burn-in, reliability and life testing
  • ACC and APC control modes
  • Individual channel driving and measurement
Model 58212-C
LED Mapping Probe Tester Model
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Lateral, vertical, and flip chip
  • Wide power test range (up to 200V/2A)
  • Up to 8 inch wafers
  • Chroma® Huge Photo Detector
Model 58620
Laser Diode Characterization System
  • Full Turn-Key Automated Test for edge and surface emitting laser diodes
  • High precision and large capacity carrier, interchangeable with other automated equipment
Model 58635
Photonics Array Wafer Probing Test System
  • References: ISO/IEC standards
  • Up to 6" wafer
  • Wide range and precise temperature control
Chroma 52411 Dual Independent & Isolated Source Measure Unit
Model 52400 Series
Four Quadrant Source
  • High & programmable voltage / current slew rate 
  • Low output noise 
  • High programming / measurement speed
Model 58221
LED Electrical Test Module

  • Focused on High voltage (HV) and High Power (HP) LED application design
  • Hardware sequencer/ program memory / data memory built inside
Model 54100
Advanced TEC Controller
  • Bidirectional driving with 300W (27V/12A) and 800W (40V/20A) output
  • Filtered PWM output with > 90% driving power efficiency
Model 58154
ESD Test System
  • Two Model ESD Pulse Generation : Human body model and Machine model
  • Programmable Auto Test : Pulse delay, cycle and polarity are programmable
Series 51101 / 51101C
Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger
  • Models with 1, 8, and 64 channels on-line data recording.
  • Support B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T type thermal couples
Inspection Systems
Model 7925
TO-CAN Package
Inspection System
  • It can inspect lens scratch, crack, particle and metal cap defect of TO-CAN package
  • Auto focus function can overcome height variation from tray or package
Model 7661A
Optical Micro Display Test System
  • Optical tests
  • Automatic DUT Handler
  • Class 1000/10000 Options
  • SMART Factory Compliant
  • Flicker Measurement & Adjustment
Chroma 7935 Wafer Inspection System
Model 7940
Wafer Chip Inspection System
  • Simultaneous double side color inspection
  • 6" wafer / 8" inspection area
  • Automatic wafer alignment
  • Wafer shape / edge identification
Model 7503
3D Optical Profiler
  • Up to 0.1 nm height resolution for measurement
  • Use white light interference measurement technique to do nondestructive and rapid surface texture measurement and analysis
Model 7505-01
Multi-function Optical Profiling System
  • 1D, 2D and 3D measurement capabilities
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