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Photovoltaic Testing and Production Equipment


From the fabrication of solar cell to the sale as an end user product, the entire silicon photovoltaic industry chain can be divided into silicon, wafer fabrication, solar cell, solar module, PV system assembly, PV peripherals and channels from top to bottom.

Various test devices and inspection equipment have been developed to meet the test requirements for cell and module process in solar cell testing. First, the I-V tester measures the conversion efficiency of a cell by dividing it. Next, the automatic optical inspector identifies the cell color and printing defects on the face and back and last a solar cell sorter conducts the sorting.

Since the production of solar cell is about conversion efficiency and yield rate, the percentage of damage in the entire manufacturing process is an important indicator to the process management. The micro-crack inspector developed recently can screen out the broken cell easily that not only ensures the cell quality but also replaces the assessment used to be done manually. Furthermore, the system inverter has to control the current flow and calculate the back current besides converting DC to AC when the PV system is assembling. The AC/DC power supply and electronic load can simulate and test the output electricity to assure its quality.

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Inspection System
Model 3705
Solar Wafer Cassette
Transfer System

  • Good for 5 inches and 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon wafer.
  • Effectively reduces wafer damage caused by careless human error.
Model 3710-HS
Solar Wafer Inspection System

  • Good for 5 inches and 6 inches wafer
  • High throughput and low breakage rate ≤0.2%
  • 2D Geometry Inspection
  • Surface Inspection
Model 3720
Solar Cell Test / Sorting System

  • c-Si Solar Cell Tester : Chroma 58301
  • High throughput - UPH : 1,500
  • Low breakage rate : ≤0.2%
  • Type of sorting bins : Auto & Manual
  • Sorting Bins can be user defined
Model 3730
Solar Cell Inspection Test /
Sorting System

  • Good for 5 inches and 6 inches mono / multi-crystalline silicon cells
  • High throughput and low breakage rate ≤0.2%
Model 3700
Solar Cell Inspection/Sorting System

  • Applicable for 5 inches and 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon cells
  • High throughput and low breakage rate ≤0.2%
Model 3775BM
Solar Wafer Diffusion Load/Unload Test System

  • Low Breakage rate
  • High Throughput
  • Flex picker robot transfer
  • Surface Inspection: Option
  • Loader: Quartz Boat
Automatic Optical Inspection System
Model 7211-D
Solar Cell Color Classifier

  • Solar Cell Color Classifier (Diffuser type)
  • CIELAB color space technology, approximate human vision
  • Unlimited color categories
Model 7212-HS
Solar Cell Front-side Printing and Surface Defect Inspector (High-Speed)

  • Integrated with screen printing line and cell sorting lines from any manufacturers
  • Flexible and intuitive SW user interface
Model 7213-AD
Solar Cell Backside Printing & Surface Inspector

  • Solar Cell Backside Printing & Surface Inspector (Diffuser type)
  • V-cut and flake inspection
  • Install on the metallization process and sorting process
c-Si Solar Cell Tester
Model 58301
c-Si Solar Cell Tester

  • Measurements: Eff, Pmpp, Impp, Vmpp, Isc, Voc, FF, Rshunt, Rs, Irev.
  • Full four-quadrant source for both light-forward/reverse & dark forward / reverse test
  • Class AAA+ solar simulator
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