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Today’s logic IC has to integrate multiple functions. The complex System-on-Chip (SoC) is not only equipped with the features of digits, simulation, power and built-in storage, but is also a challenge for test devices.

The VLSI test system can precisely simulate the logic IC's electric signals and rapidly interpret the test results. The expansion of Test Head is capable of executing multiple test programs for massive multi-sites to improve the throughput. In addition, the customized test device can replace the general purpose tester to fit in the specified requirements that can actually meet the goal of reducing test cost.

In the back end of IC process, handlers are used to sort the products with different types of package. After package testing, the Automatic System Function Tester, which tests IC in a real environment instead of simulation by IC testers, are used for tests of complicated IC with high fault coverage and low cost and highly improves test quality.

IC Pick & Place Test Handlers
Model 3111
Mini Tabletop Single Site
Test Handler

  • 600 mm x 565 mm x 800 mm
  • JEDEC trays (2)
  • IC packages: 5x5mm~45x45mm
  • Alerts to mobile device
  • Continuous automated re-test
Model 3110
Hybrid Single Site Test Handler

  • FT + SLT handler – two in one
  • Perfect for device engineering characterization gathering and analysis
  • Auto tray load/unload & device sorting capability
Model 3160
Final Test Handler
  • Flexible DUT Configuration
  • Adjustable P&P Interval
  • Air damper buffer to reduce contact force impact
  • Intelligent socket IC leftover check
Model 3813
Touch Panel Multi-Sites IC Test Handler

  • Reliable Touch Panel Test Handler
  • For both digital and analog touch panel test
  • Touch panel size: 6 inch x 3 sites or 12.1 inch x 1 site
Model 3270
Miniature IC Handler
  • Reliable high-speed pick & place handler
  • 3x3 mm miniature device handling capability
  • Air damper for contact balance
  • Auto contact force learning
Model 3280
xSD Card Tester and Handler

  • Tester & Handler Integration
  • Test 120pcs micro SD in parallel
  • Test-in-Tray, no pick & place arm before sorting
  • UPH = 5400 with 70 sec test time
Model 3810
Touch Panel Semi-auto Handler

  • Reliable Panel Handler
  • Panel Size: 3" to 6.5"
  • Up to 6 sites for test at the same time
  • USB interface
  • No test panel contact force damage problem
Turret Handlers
Model CH250/300
Automated Semiconductor Turret Handler

  • Wide variety of input and output mediums
  • High-speed, high-accuracy turret
  • Packages from 1x1 mm to 12x12 mm
  • Modular design increases flexibility
Automatic System Function Tester (ASFT)
Model 3260
Automatic System Function Tester

  • Reliable high-speed pick & place handler
  • Tester zero waiting time
  • Gull wing package capability
  • No socket damage
SoC Test System
3650 CX
Model 3650-CX
SoC Test System

Versatile Compact Size IC Tester for Digital, Mixed Signal and Analog ICs
  • 50 /100 MHz Test Rate
  • Up to 256 digital I/O pins
  • 16/32 MW vector memory
  • 16/32 MW pattern instruction memory
Model 3650
SoC Test System
50/100 MHz
  • 50 /100 MHz
  • 512 digital I/O pins
  • 16/32 MW vector memory
  • 16/32 MW pattern instruction memory
  • Multi-site testing up to 32 sites
Model 52400 Series
Four Quadrant Source
  • High & programmable voltage / current slew rate 
  • Low output noise 
  • High programming / measurement speed
Model 36010
Programmable Pin Electronics Module

  • Standard PXI 3U form factor
  • 100MHz maximum date rate
  • 8 channels with per-pin, per-cycle bidirectional control
  • 32M sequence command memory
Model 36020
Four-quadrant DUT Power Supply

  • 4 channels in a PXI Standard 3U form factor
  • +5V/-2V and +10V/-2V force ranges
  • 16-bit voltage force resolution
  • 18-bit current measurement resolution
Visual Inspection Test System
Model 7935
Wafer Inspection System
  • Maximum 8 inch wafer handling capability
  • Edge finding to test various wafer shapes
  • Chip Optical Character Recognition > 98%
Model 7970
CMOS Image Sensor
Inspection System
  • Complete chip appearance inspection including glass and ball side of the chip
  • On-fly acquisition can get clear images and reduce processing time.
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