Model 7661-K003

Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System

Product Details

Chroma 7661-K003 Mini LED Backlight Module Test System offers comprehensive testing of backlight modules. A wide range of selectable functions customizes the system to the UUT's photoelectric characteristics and test requirements.

The 7661-K003 combines a 2D color analyzer supported by a Z-axis system for a variable working distance and a large-area XY-table for capturing a wide field of view (FOV). The LED electrical tester regulates the power for the UUT. Customizable test fixtures fit various UUT types. The integrated darkroom enclosure blocks the influence of any external light for more accurate measurement and reliable data.

To simulate the human eye, the embedded Chroma 71803 2D color analyzer offers a high-resolution camera integrated with color and ND filters creating a sensing solution complying with CIE standards. Its measurement of chromaticity, luminance, contrast, uniformity and correlated color temperature (CCT) can be applied to a large variety of displays.

For complete electrical testing, a Chroma 58221-200-2 LED test module is incorporated to define the operating power range under accurate current and voltage control. Other power modules are also available to conform with different test conditions and standards.

Chroma 7661-K003 system software can obtain the chromaticity and luminance for each region of interest. The software can also detect deficiencies, chromatic aberration, and shifts, along with other abnormalities in the LEDs. Programming includes multiple test steps with definable parameters yielding convenient and efficient operation.

Optical Master System Software

System Configuration