Model 54100

ESD Test System

Product Details

Chroma 58154 series ESD Test Systems are PXI / PCI controlled module to simulate electrostatic discharge pulse during electronic device testing. The 58154 series offer both ESD STM5.1-2001- Human Body Model and ESD STM5.2-1999-Machine Model. The user friendly software offers programmable and flexible features, such as sampling test on a wafer, ESD model, ESD pulse polarity, ESD pulse interval in a sequence, and automatic testing function.

The 58154 series include a control module and a pulse output external box. A high voltage power supply unit (PSU) and pulse shaping circuits provide the ESD STM standards compliant pulse waveform.

The 58154 series offer a flexible, widely and totally ESD test solution to customers. Further more, the ESD pulse is generally applied to the device under test before measuring device electric parameters and the 58154 series can be perfectly integrated with Chroma 58151 tester and Chroma 58153 prober, which is a total solution in production line.