Model 58602

Optoelectronic Source Measurement System

Product Details

Burn-In, Reliability & Life Test
Chroma 58602 is a high density, precision multi Source Measurement Unit (SMU) Module with temperature control and exchangeable interface developed for Burn-In, Reliability and Life Test of Optoelectronic Components including Laser Diodes, LEDs, OLEDs, Photo-Diodes and other similar components. Each Module has up to 768 discrete SMUs (6 modules contain up to 4608 SMUs per System), which may be used as Device Drives, Device Biasing and/or Measurement Operations. The system’s high density allows for optimized clean room space.

Source and Measurement
Discrete voltage measurements are available for high current devices placed in series. Multiple Current sources may also be paralleled (exchanging the Conversion Interface Board) to support higher power devices.

Ultimate Flexibility
Chroma brings the Change Kit flexibility used in the semiconductor industry to optoelectronics. Through the Change Kit the 58602 can be configured to other devices in minutes for:

  • High Channel Density
  • Higher Current
  • Optical Power Monitoring
  • Monitor Photodiode Measurements
  • Dark Current Measurements
  • Component Biasing
  • Multiple Device Types

Efficient Processing

  • Higher temperatures reduce aging times and provide quicker results while lowering cost by requiring lower channels.
  • The High Density Design reduces floor space over other similar solutions.
  • Batch processing is performed through device carriers. Carriers may be used between Aging and Characterization Testing. Software tracks acquired data between all Chroma testing.
  • Same base system may be used for many device types. A Conversion Kit provides quick, cost effective adaptation to prototypes and new products or variation in production.
  • Hot Swappable power supplies eliminate this type of failure mode while reducing MTBF / MTTR.