Model 58625

Photonics Module Test System

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Chroma 58625 provides characterization testing for 3D sensing illumination devices. Various optical test modules are combined for validation testing under precise temperature control. The optical modules include electrical properties along with optical power, wavelength, near-field, far-field, eye safety, and similar optical measurements. These features make Chroma's 58625 a perfect fit for product development and quality screening of illumination modules for 3D sensing. Light Power & Wavelength Test (LIV+λ)

A select integrating sphere is paired with a high-resolution spectrometer to accurately measure the light power and wavelength of 3D sensing illuminators. The flexible design enables customized test plans according to specified test requirements. Chroma 58625 can calculate photonic parameters such as threshold current (Ith), power conversion efficiency (PCE), slope efficiency (SE), etc. from LIV testing.

Far-Field Test
In far-field optical measurements, Chroma 58625 uses screen projection to measure 3D sensing illuminators with a divergence angle up to 120º. Chroma's unique algorithm analyzes far-field light patterns, automatically obtaining the divergence angle, beam uniformity, and Class 1 conditions as stipulated by IEC 60825. Extra high-resolution testing can be achieved via an add-on beam profiler.

Near-Field Test
Near-field optical measurements primarily apply to laser diodes and similar devices in 3D sensing illuminators. With a high-performance microscope and automated optical alignment, the Chroma 58625 measures the beam waist (W0), divergence angle, and beam propagation ratio (M2) of such sources. When testing laser arrays, Chroma's exclusive image analysis obtains the light uniformity of such devices down to each emitter.