Model 7503

3D Optical Profiler

Product Details

Chroma 7503 is a sub-nano 3D Optical Profiler developed using the technology of white light interference to measure and analyze the surface profile of micro-nano structures with sophisticated scanning system and innovative algorithms. It can work with color or monochrome camera as required for 2D and microscope measurements.

The latest system modular design of Chroma 7503 has flexible configurations that can comply with diversified test applications. When equipped with electric nose gear, maximum 5 types of lens can be mounted and switched directly for use without changing manually. In addition the equipped electrical adjustment mobile platform is able to adjust and position the sample automatically. The large scanning range of vertical and horizontal axis is applicable for various auto measurements. Nondestructive and rapid surface texture measurement as well as analysis can be done on the sample without any preprocessing that is most suitable for R&D, production, process improvement and academic research.

The height resolution Chroma 7503 is up to 0.1 nm and it can achieve 100mm when Z vertical axis is used to measure the scanning stroke. Also the horizontal axis is able to reach sub-micro resolution with scanning range up to 150 × 150mm when a PC is used to control the mobile platform as demand. The fast calibration procedure and algorithm theory enables the system calibration result to be traced to NIST standard. Combined with several innovative, robust and reliable algorithms, Chroma 7503 has the quality of high precision and large scale measurement.

The configured auto scanning platform is able to find the best focus position via the automated vertical axis mobile platform with rapid autofocus algorithm. Moreover, the tilt adjustment platform is able to level the unit under test within a few seconds without complex operations.

The commercial white light interference analyzers frequently use the centroid algorithm to calculate the surface height. Since the light diffraction causes incorrect height calculation of some positions and results wrong profiling data. Chroma 7503 applies the most advanced 3D Profiler Master software along with the inter ference s ignal proces s algor i thm of Chroma to analyze the spectrum of white light interference and prevent the boundary error problem. The system has dark point process function to filter out and correct the data that is incapable of creating interference to reduce the error in measurement. Since the dark point process runs while the data is retrieving, the dark point filter function can be executed effectively; meanwhile the correction is made by referencing the surrounding data that makes the measurement more robust and reliable.

STA (Surface Texture Analysis) Master software analyzes and corrects the data of surface texture, also provides complete profiles in icon. It has more than 150 lines or surfaces profiling parameters including roughness, ripple, flatness, apex and valley. The high pass filter, low pass filter, fast Fourier transformation and cusp removal space filter tools allow the user to filter out the high/low/ bandpass signals. The software has polynomial fitting, region growth, the entire surface and multiple area leveling tools that can used in data processing and analysis flexibly.

In many hi-tech industries such as semiconductor, flat panel display, fiber communication, MEMS, biomedical and electronic packaging, the accuracy of micro structure sur face texture determines the performance and function of the product, thus it needs to be monitored for quality during manufacturing. Chroma 7503 has many surface measurement parameters such as section height, included angle, area, dimension, roughness, ripple, film thickness and flatness that can meet the requirements of the industries and R&D units.

Chroma 7503 has 2D and 3D measurements with fast switch of ratio and large area map interlinking function that can cope with various applications’ needs. Furthermore, the flexible modular design allows customization for practical use to gain the balance between price and performance. Chroma 7503 is the best choice for improving efficiency and saving cost.