Chroma ATE to Present Test and Thermal Innovations for Peak AI Performance at GTC - 2024


Jun 20, 2024

Chroma ATE is set to demonstrate its commitment to close collaboration within the AI community at NVIDIA's highly anticipated GTC 2024. Together, we aim to empower future technologies for a better world, where advancements, insights, and collaboration shape the future of AI. Our presence at GTC 2024 will address concerns about AI and HPC chip cooling, contributing our latest insights and solutions.

Navigating the Thermal Landscape

For power-hungry operations in AI server and high-performance computing (HPC) applications such as computing, networking, and storage, cutting-edge heat dissipation is becoming ever-more imperative. Chroma's 31000R series temperature forcing system (, specifically designed to cater to high-power consumption ICs in AI and HPC, provides a robust solution with a dissipation capability of up to 1,800 watts. Chroma is actively developing solutions to meet evolving market demands for high heat dissipation for AI servers and HPC, where hardware foundations are constantly shifting.

The Power of Ultra-Low Voltage Modules

Our ultra-low-voltage DC electronic loads assume a pivotal role in this process, delivering a meticulously controlled voltage supply tailored for CPUs and GPUs. With an extraordinary minimum operating voltage of 0.2V and a max rated current of 2,000A, these loads extend their capabilities to load current all the way down to the 0.2V-0V range. This precision at ultra-low voltages ensures reliability while adequately addressing the delicate requirements of AI chips.

Come join us at GTC 2024 (March 18-21), Booth #1727, and empower your innovations with Chroma, your partner in advancing excellence and unlocking the full potential of AI chipset design and power density. We look forward to connecting with you!

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