Chroma Photonic IC Burn-in and Reliability System Wins 2024 TOSIA Award


Jun 19, 2024

Chroma 58604 Photonic IC Burn-in and Reliability Test System has been honored with the 2024 TOSIA Award for Outstanding Product. Presented by the Taiwan Optoelectronic and Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA), this award recognizes products for their innovation, industry impact, and marketing highlights.

Chroma 58604 offers aging, reliability, and lifetime testing for a variety of photonic chip components such as laser diodes (LDs), photodetectors (PDs), and optical modulators. The system boasts a testing capacity of up to 1,792 channels with 28 independent temperature control modules, each providing bi-polar voltage and current outputs and measurements across 64 SMU channels.

Key features:

  • Capability to conduct aging, reliability, and lifetime tests for various photonic chips.
  • System-level spike-free circuit design.
  • Highly flexible independent operation architecture for individual modules with independent SM channels for sourcing and measuring.
  • Support for Automatic Current Control Mode (ACC) and Automatic Power Control Mode (APC).
  • Precise and stable temperature and circuit control capabilities.

As silicon photonics technology continues to evolve, Chroma ensures customer success by aiding in the development of innovation technology products while maintaining performance and quality standards.

For more detailed product information, please use the Chroma website and leave your inquiries and contact details. We are committed to serving you with excellence!

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