Empowering Your Near-Eye Display Solutions


May 30, 2024

As near-eye display (NED) technologies like AR / VR continue advancing, rigorous testing is critical to deliver exceptional user experiences. Chroma ensures NEDs meet the highest standards through comprehensive automated validation of key metrics like luminance uniformity and color accuracy.

Automation Solutions to Revolutionize NED Technology

NED technology has revolutionized the interaction between users, digital content, and the real/virtual world. The last few years have witnessed an influx of innovative eye-tracking and user-monitoring applications, with various related patents filed by industry leaders, reflecting the boosting testing needs to ensure realizing the innovation in the market.

Chroma's customizable solutions seamlessly integrate into any production line. Customizable algorithms allow tailoring inspection processes to match specific display technologies.

Beyond equipment, Chroma's expertise helps innovators maximize testing insights to support development and drive innovations. As an experienced partner committed to the evolving optics industry, Chroma supports the entire process from R&D to mass production.

Contact us to learn how our flexible turnkey solutions and expert guidance can enhance your testing processes and ensure your NEDs meet the highest quality standards with Chroma behind your optics testing breakthroughs.

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