Introducing the newest Chroma ATE Solutions App. Download and experience it now


May 11, 2024

Chroma ATE Inc. is introducing its new digital service to provide you information for test and automation turnkey solutions via the app. Significant markets Chroma serves include electric vehicle, LED, photovoltaic, green battery, semiconductor, photonics, flat panel display, video and color, power electronics, passive component, electrical safety, thermoelectric, automated optical inspection, and intelligent manufacturing system for smart factory.

This app covers 14 test solutions and over 500 product models in 3 languages. Synchronizing to the on-line inquiry system, you can get help from Chroma sales offices at your fingertips. The global service map provides you with GPS navigation, phone call, email contact, and website browsing functions. Find the service points near you anytime, anywhere. Click or scan the QR code to get the free Chroma ATE Solutions App now! Find test solutions you need and nearby Chroma ATE service locations.

  • Any keyword search
  • Find new products by searching "latest"
  • Assistive touch (show/hide search & bookmark)
  • Download and offline reading (Collect)
  • Contact service points on map
  • Online inquiry



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