PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) is an industrial standard platform derived from Compact PCI. PXI extends the traditional compact PCI platform BUS used in standard PCs to one suitable for test, measurement, and scientific applications. Besides featuring modularized instrumentation, open architecture and hot-swap functions, PXI is also equipped with high-speed network transmission, built-in counter, and simultaneous triggered data transmission interface.

The instruments implemented with compatible software and hardware can be integrated into PXI test systems. This condensed form factor replaces the traditional larger rack and stack instruments system with modularized cards and chassis. This greatly reduces required space and allows for more diversified measurement functions. The flexible structure and high-performance/low-cost advantages are even more beneficial for electronic products with short life cycles.

PXI systems have been successfully and extensively applied to testing in the automotive, semiconductor, aviation, and military applications.

Test Solutions

Model 52403P

PXIe Short Pulse SMU

  • All-in-one LIV Test SMU
  • Pulser function - Min. Pulse Widths:
    • 10uS @ 10A
    • 8uS @ 3.5A
    • 5uS @ 1A/250mA
Model 52400 Series

High Precision Source Measure Unit

  • Hybrid compatible PXI
  • Four quadrant operation
  • High source/measurement resolution (multiple ranges)
  • Low output noise

PXI Programmable Power Supply

Model 52912 / 52914

Programmable DC Power Supply

  • Dual Isolated outputs; 0-48VDC/ 2A MAX./ 60W, programmable
  • Direct Universal AC input via front panel (Model 52914)
  • External Trigger function
Model 52310e

Device Power Supply

  • 4 Isolated channels of ±6 V, 1 A (max)
  • 20-bit measurement resolution
  • Low output noise
  • Maximum sampling rate of 600 KS/s

PXI Extension Card

Model 52906

PXI Extension Card

  • Extend PXI backplane signals
  • 3U 64-bit PXI extension card available for hot swapping PXI card
  • Extend PXI BUS to outside of chassis, easy for inspection