Model 3214

Cobra Automated Test System (CATS)

Product Details

Chroma ATE U.S.A. brings you the latest generation of dedicated SLT Handling Solutions, the 3214 CATS Series. This one-of-a-kind hybrid (ATE / SLT) innovative handler is meant for Engineering IC Characterization and Validation. Using a 4X multi-site IC testing scenario, combined with "true-ATC (Active Thermal Control)" thermal sequence capabilities, it is capable of handling packages of various types. This handling solution can accommodate the utmost of your power-hungry devices pushing the threshold of >1 kW of power dissipation.

The 3214 uses device transfer technologies which differ from the industry standard of P&P (Pick and Place). It uses the latest in bleeding edge, fully integrated, and articulated robot management. Featuring a reduction in change-kit parts per site, leading to overall cost savings. Delivering the IC’s through a uniquely designed and precision enabling change-kit feature, resulting in a high accuracy placement of the device. Its RAC (Remote Access Control), real-time and worldwide access HiRes camera modules capture the products' test sequencing from anywhere around the world.

Chroma’s 3214 can test up to 4 devices in parallel from low to high temperatures with ATC ranging from -70 ̊C to 150 ̊C**. The CATS also brings the luxury of a mix & match to variant IC designs. For any Cobra thermal engine upgrades, contact the factory for more information.

**Contact us for more information (Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice(