King Cobra

Thermal System

Targeted Applications

  • Automotive IC
  • Graphic Processors (GPU)
  • Application Processing Units (APU)
  • AI and Data Center
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • CPUs
  • ASICs
  • Memory Modules

Product Details

Cobra Thermal Systems are an advanced, compact, powerful temperature-forcing system and is an adaptable solution to the ever-increasing thermal demands of post-silicon validation and device characterization. With a temperature range of -70°C to 125°C, and combining all the benefits of mobility, quiet operation, it is designed primarily for SLT applications with long test times using manual device placement. King Cobra is equipped for next-generation product development for high wattage temperature-controlled road map demands. Prevention of thermal runaway and limiting board or device damages are handled by a Power Monitoring unit which is sold separately as needed and currently available only for SLT solutions.

King Cobra Graph and Hardware Accessories